Welcome to Capital Crossing

Geographically equidistant from the Regina South and Regina East retail nodes, Capital Crossing is providing the first major opportunity for mid-box retailers to expand into Regina North West. Following the lead of big-box retailers who have moved into this third market – dealers including Walmart, Canadian Tire, Lowes/Rona, Real Canadian Superstore, Sherwood Co-op Grocery, Safeway, Sobeys, and Home Depot – Capital Crossing is slated to provide the first retail, live-work-play & stay community in Regina North West and directly serve the largest primary trade area in the city of Regina which, as of now, is immensely underserved.

Modern Numbers

With a total city population of 236,000 people and growing at a rate which exceeds the national average, the population breakdown of Regina from the most recent 2016 Census results is as follows:

– 36% live in Regina East (population of 84,000);
– 24% in Regina South (57,000);
– and over 40% in Regina North West (95,000+ people).

Regina North West is the most populous residential district with the strongest future growth prospects and forms the City of Regina’s largest Primary Trade Area.

75% resident homeownership rate, average household age of 38 years and household income of $88,000, with 20% earning north of $125k, make this the shopping and dining place to be.

Retail Context

As per the natural historic development of Saskatchewan’s capital city, Regina South and Regina East were the first two regions to develop commercial districts, both of which have seen recent ‘second-wind’ development in the past decade to reflect the population growth of the city.

Two commercial districts sufficed for the entire city of Regina in the past, however Regina North West has since expanded beyond the tipping point in both population and demand where the region is now overdue for a commercial district of its own – a project that has yet to take place largely due to a shortage of approved commercial development land in the area – until now.

The Natural Progression

With Walmart Supercentre and Home Depot adjacent from the project development land to the west; undeveloped, city-owned land to the north; and residential communities to the east and south, Capital Crossing is in a unique retail position to leverage the draw of the destination power centre as well as integrate as a neighbourhood convenience centre with the surrounding local communities.

The vision for Capital Crossing is to flourish as a true mixed-use development that incorporates shopping, restaurants, entertainment, office space, residences, and over 8+ acres of green space, in a thoughtful, social neighbourhood for the 95,000+ residents of Regina North West.

Conveniently Located

Located near Regina’s traffic-dense Ring Road, Capital Crossing is conveniently accessible by the Argyle Street offramp & overpass, one of the largest intersections in the city of Regina used by over 48,000+ vehicles travelling westward per day. Previously the Argyle Street offramp dead-ended at Sangster Blvd which forced traffic to navigate westward, resulting in daily traffic congestion at Pasqua Street.

Capital Crossing is rectifying this issue by completing the natural extension of the Argyle Street offramp to run directly through the development lands and intersect with Pasqua Street on the other side, alleviating traffic congestion issues as well as providing a more convenient to-and-from work route for over 28,000+ people who live in the westward Lakeridge community, as well as provide the only entrance to the Hawkstone community, eastward, of 4,500 people.

Capital Crossing will also be the primary retail space on the going-home route for The Coopertown development by Dream, a planned community for 35,000+ people on the other side of Lakeridge with a projected build-out of 20-30 years.

Connecting People with Community

According to data from the 2016 national census, the average population of Regina North West is 35 years of age with an average household income of $88,000. Over 20% of the population earns north of $125,000 per year, and 75% of the population owns their own home. The total trade area expenditures of this group exceeded $3.6 Billion dollars in 2016, and is projected to surpass $4.3B in 2020 – with top expenditures going towards Grocery & Specialty Foods ($719M), Gardening & Home Improvement ($570M), Auto & Motorsports ($568M), and Restaurant & Spirits ($370M).

At a time when the retail economy is undergoing rapid change, we at Capital Crossing are excited to offer a stable opportunity for retailers to thrive, and to play our role in the natural progression and growth of Regina by facilitating the convenient, comfortable, and connected community neighbourhood that Regina North West is waiting for.