Capital Crossing

An exciting new neighbourhood is coming to Regina North West.

Shop. Eat. Relax. Repeat.

Capital Crossing is a 75-acre mixed-use infill development coming to the heart of Regina's fastest growing community.


With over 95,000+ current residents and a population growth rate expected to surpass 100,000 people by 2020, the Regina North West forms the largest Primary Trade Area of Regina, with an average household age of 35 years and an average household income of $88,000; 20% of whom earn north of $125k.


The Capital Crossing development is surrounded by 45,000+ local area residents and is immediately accessible by a connecting offramp from one of the busiest intersections of Northern Regina, used by nearly 50,000 vehicles travelling to-and-from work every single day.


Despite being the largest Primary Trade Area of Regina, there is currently no retail node in Regina North West; the closest retail nodes are located on opposite ends of the city, geographically equidistant, 20 minutes away.

Capital Crossing is bringing the first opportunity for retail, restaurants, and entertainment to catch up with this regional growth and keep pace with the expanding Regina North West trade region.


Capital Crossing development land is privately owned by the respected Regina businessperson behind Capital Automall, the first-ever Canadian GM dealer to be recognized with all four excellence awards at once and is the highest-volume retailer in the nation, eight years running.

All 75 acres of Capital Crossing is slated to serve as true mixed-use commercial and residential space, including 8 full acres of parks, playgrounds, and ample green space to distinguish Regina’s newest thriving, lifestyle-focused community.

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